Derik Timmerman | Executive Pastor

Brad Sallee | Missions Pastor

Mitch Verdell | Education Pastor

Ron Gregory | Senior Adults Pastor & Pastoral Care

Trey Gouch | Student Pastor

Sandra Montague | Minister to Children

Donna Knight | Children's Associate

Lindy Mealy | Pastor's Secretary,
Church Membership, Contributions, and Baptism

Karen Kraynock | Administrative Assistant
Missions & Spiritual Maturity

Amanda Maye | Education Ministry Assistant

Jana Reiter | Assistant to Senior Adults, Care,
Worship Pastors, & Event Scheduling

Sharon Lee | Comptroller

Marge Morgan | Financial Administrator

Jeana Stewart | Director of Weekday Preschool

Addison Verdell | Worship Associate

James Thomas | Worship Associate

Matt Hoag | Director of Communication

Todd Alexander | Technical Producer

Mark Brown | Facilities Manager